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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nordic Walking

Ideal for who wants to do a little 'sport!


The Nordic Walking originating in the Scandinavian countries is a simple activity to practice on open air, a gentle workout that builds endurance, strength and fitness. Are enough hiking shoes, comfortable dress, two sticks with handles and nothing else.

Nordic Walking has its origins in the'30s in Finland as a method of training out of season for cross-country skiers. In fact it actively involves arms thanks to use of sticks.

This implies a greater use of the muscles of the shoulders and chest and a strengthening of the cervical musculature.





The movements performed with the correct technique improves the awareness and control of your body, posture, breathing and, most importantly, the general welfare.

It's the perfect exercise to achieve a good physical effort without stressing joints. It is ideal for those who wish to start practicing sports, for those who want to keep fit, for those who want to lose weight. It is a sport for everyone: easy, fun, a nice exercise that will surprise you! It is activity that can be easly combined with our river activities allowing us to develop programm for everyone in natural environment.

Nordic Walking is more effective than normal walking without sticks and is involved about 90% of all muscles fitting shoulders, chest, back, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Due to its use of sticks the weight loading on the joints, back and knees is less intense and the correct technique execution allows to correct postural errors.

Why do we use specific sticks for Nordic Walking?

Sticks for Nordic Walking differ completely from those for skiing or trekking. Normally consist of one piece, or telescoping, made in carbon and glass. Handels are designed to allow a specific and precise conducting of sticks without having to grub them strictly and special rubber tip allow to practise even on asphalt without increasing vibration of the arms. Stepping is determined by pushing the opposite leg and arms that move alternately, the length of the step increases compared to conventional walking. The movement of the stick is always close to the body. Hands are running straight mouving ahead and back. The body assumes a standing position slightly flexed forward.

Nordic Walking technique is associated with the movement of legs and arms combining the use of SPECIFIC STICKS and one needs to learned it through specific exercises. Then we recommend to those who approach this sport for the first time to take part a course for the acquisition of proper motion.

trekking4The Nordic Walking is a gentle sport that favors workout without contraindications; it is MORE EFFECTIVE than a normal walk thanks to use special sticks, it also trains the upper body: shoulders, arms and back. The Nordic Walking is also healther than running because body's weight rests not only on one leg (such as jogging) and doesn't stress joints. Indeed, especially when we run, hip, tibio-tarsal and knee joints load a multiple of their body weight. This overloading varying depending on the terrain and the technique of race (over the asphalt racing is essentially more stressing that in a wood). By Nordic Walking tecnique at least one foot is always on the ground, the athlete does not jump, but in a controlled manner puts one foot in front of the other.

The back foot is raised only when the weight moves to the front foot and the opposite stick while when we run weight is already on the other foot.

For this reason Nordic Walking is a suggested activity to PEOPLE who are OVERWEIGHT and want to fit or for people who have phisical problems in joints. Even runners choose the Nordic Walking permanently or temporarily, for example when they have problems in their knees or hips, or when they have to recover completely from an injury and follow periods of rehabilitation.

Another difference consist in THE SPEED during the sport activity. Those who practice running smoothly reaches a double speed compared to those who practice Nordic Walking. Using the right technique and the muscles of the legs who run can gradually increase its speed as he likes.

In Nordic Walking speed is determined by performing the motion. The length of the step can be increased according to its natural limits. These factors limit the degree of fatigue and the movement will give benefit without exceeding the maximum limits. Condition that allows the practice of Nordic Walking even to those who have heart problems. In short, Nordic walking, if done correctly and on the guidance of qualified instructors becomes sport FOR ALL!


The area of Massif of Grappa and Asiago allows us to propose several pathways important from a historical point of view and natural beauty. The tours can be customized according to requirements.

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