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Friday, July 20, 2018

Canoe & Kayak

Discovering the Brenta Valley!


Kayak is perhaps the most complete in the world of river disciplines. It allows us to discover the fascinating river environment in all its forms and also to manage on our own a particular "main of transport" in close contact with the natural environment. Federal Masters of Canoe/Kayak (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation) who collaborate with our River Sports Centre, managing the theoretical and practical activities which will develop in one or more meetings. Each practical lesson is always combined with a theoretical part in which are explained through different methodologies and teaching strategies, materials and equipment used, some notions about rules of conduct to be observed to ensure the safety of participants, basic movements of paddling technique . During practical lessons, always under the supervision of the Master of Canoe/Kayak, participants will gradually become familiar with canoe and paddle out a series of progressive exercises. First in standing water and then, later , in an area of the river suitable for beginners trying indescribable feeling of the current.

Duration activities

The activity has a duration of about 2h30 - 3 hours depending on the group Each lesson can be done with groups of 20 participants then divided into subgroups of 6 / 7 persons per canoe Master.

BRIEFING is carried out in the green area adjacent our Base just near the river. This is an aggregation time where Canoe/Kayak Master describes the river equipment that will be provided to all participants (Wet suit, PVC water jacket, Life jacket, helmet) and technical material as kayak and paddle.


Participants will get to the warehouse where the Kayak Master deliver the equipment and they can get change in the locker room. All materials are suitable for the practice of water sports and approved according to EU directives. - Wet suit 3mm to provide thermal protection and buoyancy - PVC water jacket to protect against splashing water and wind - Life jacket (buoyancy aid) to ensure flotation in case of falling in water - Polyethylene protective helmet

BOAT DELIVERY Each participant will receive a canoe / kayak with a size appropriate to the physical structure (height and weight) and a paddle.


It develops gradually using direct and indirect teaching methods. Participants, with trial and error, will experience the basic fundamental techniques in still water (exploratory phase). The method is developed with the inclusion of playing time among participants and using problem-solving. At first the Kayak Master describes the correct position in a canoe / kayak so that all participants can customize their kayak depending on their size and needs. The lesson continues with the knowledge of the paddle and the proper technique first and then in still water.

The activity takes place in an area of the river particularly suitable for beginners in which everyone can put into practice the information received. A bit 'at a time will become easier to conduct the kayak and learn how to properly handle the paddle and move around.

The activity is very exciting because students will be able to move from one part of the river and also face a slow stream in and out of areas of standing water. At the end of the lesson,everyone is ready for the final paddle: division into groups, mass start , one , two, three, goo ...!

END OF ACTIVITY Each participant provide to clean the river equipment and then suspends its material in the spaces provided. After everybody can take a hot shower.


The river is a dynamic environment that offers the possibility of developing multiple learning goals by combining sport with culture, nature and history: sensory perception, coordination skills and conditional development, socialization, self-esteem and esteem for others, recognition and respect of roles.

Other important goals are also: the river environment, morphology, karst, the water cycle, flora and fauna protection and environmental education, and general ecology of the river ecosystem in particular, geography, history.

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This activity offers!
Give thrills, choose between a descent into rafting, canoe or more activities to be carried in a whole day.

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Bella giornata grazie selvaggi !!


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