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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Hurry ... go a day of nature!!!


Brenta Valley is crossed by several historical and nature trails of varying length and difficulty.

We can explore tunnels from the First and Second World War or walking along ancient transport routes used a long time ago to transport down timber from woods or also go along the High Way of Tobacco grown since early year 1000 until the '50s where you can admire many terraces that still dominate this territory.

If you wish excursions can be combined to other activities (rafting, canoeing lesson, or try to climb) to complete a day of nature and sport.



The activity can lasts about 1h 30 to 2h 30/3h depending of the chosen itinerary.

Each participant will have to draw light hiking shoes, comfortable clothing, a backpack to carry a kway to be used in case of bad weather or wind, water bottle, small snack, camera and even a flashlight.

The trekking activity is divided into several steps so that participants can learn the basic rules to face the various situation in the best possible way .

BRIEFING is carried out in the green area adjacent our Base just near the river. This is an aggregation time where Nature Guide describes the activity all participants developing the following subjects: - behavioural rules that the group needs to observe during the activity - description of equipment and gear participants need - description of itinerary.


trekking2PATH tunnels and caves of Merlo (San Nazario)

We can still go to settle for the initial part where after about 10 minutes' of walk we can visit a Gallery with artillery position. Passing through abandoned homes and villages scattered along the restored terraces still evident we arrive up to the leading edge of the historical Calà del Sasso , ancient road used to transport timber from the forests of the Plateau.


 Itinerary del VU ' Locality Onda (Valstagna) and "Calà del Sasso"

trekking3The path runs along the right side of the Brenta to Altopiano 7 Common and is one of the most compelling historical routes present in the valley. If you wish to see whole itinerary it would take an entire day because it develops from 150 mt to an altitude of more than 1000 mt with countless viewpoints, different shapes and length of tunnels and trenches.

This route is located in the side of the Grappa Mountain overlooking the left bank of the river Brenta. The first path is quite steep but easily walking and it goes through a forest of hazel, maple trees and a diverse flora of the forest including ferns, holly, cyclamen, primroses and violets, wild mint, flax alpine bushes Juniper and more. At first you can enter in the Angelo’ s Caves, two galleries that represent only a fraction of what was a real network of strategic security and observation during the First World War.

After visiting this historic site we can continue the way for another 200 meters of altitude to get to the observation post on the ridge top where you'll see a beautiful panorama of the valley.

SPECIAL MONTE GRAPPA Hiking on Monte Grappa

The activity can take a whole day with the opportunity to lunch at Rifugio Bassano or adjacent to the sites described.


Interesting walk that combines the landscape values ​​the visit to the remains of the structures behind the lines of the front dell'Asolone in Monte Grappa. The southern slope overlooking the deep valley Santa Felicita ( Roman Ezzelino ) and to a large segment of the Venetian plain .

To the north you can see Cima Grappa and Asolone . The remarkable educational value relative to the great war trenches, tunnels , observatories, open spaces for deposits skilfully restored and assisted dall'esaustiva Panelling allow us to understand the role of this important fortified town . This site , where it was built an aqueduct and a railway line where he came from , it was a strategic point for supplies in the event of war. It was also the last line of maximum resistance of Santa Felicita , so were prepared numerous trenches for nearly 15 miles of excavation ( only partially recovered) .

The breakthrough in this field for more tempted by the Austro-Hungarians with asprissime sull'Asolone battles , would have resulted in the easy spread without other defenses to Bassano del Grappa, the main distribution center logistics activities italiano.Duration activities about 3h .

duration activities

Visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, fortress carved on top of that during the year 1918 has seen as many as 3 battles.

The construction of the tunnel has had a crucial role to stop the advance of the Austro Hungarian Empire. It 'great work of fortification, with its development of five kilometers in gallery spaces. And 'structured on a main corridor, approximately 1.5 kilometers long, from which radiate numerous side corridors designed to accommodate the mouths of artillery observers and machine-gun.

Its construction was completed in record time, and at full throttle there could be housed 15,000 men, equipped with all the technical equipment and logistics, as well as 72 guns and 70 machine guns capable of firing on both sides of the Cima . Visit the Great War Museum where you can see tools, weapons, diaries, letters to various testimony of those days.

Duration activities about 2h.


The mountain section of Brenta Valley offers many possibilities to develop multiple teaching objectives by combining sport, culture, nature and history: the mountain environment, morphology, karst phenomena, flora and fauna protection and environmental education, ecology, geography, history (Middle Ages, First and Second World War up to current times).

Other important goals are also: social development, strengthening self-esteem and esteem for others, recognition and respect of roles.

Onda Selvaggia ® is a RIVER SPORT CENTRE & OUTDOOR which has been operating for more than 20 years in the field of river sports ( rafting, kayaking and Hydrospeeding ) and activities related to the mountain environment ( Trekking , Nordic Walking, Climbing ) . L ' experience gained in all these years of activity in the environment allows us to make different educational proposals that can also be customized and vary according to the educational objectives and the age of the participants.

Wild Wave ® takes advantage of COLLABORATION Educators sports experienced with diplomas and patents recognized by the National and International Olympic Committee, the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation ( FICK ) and the National Educational Sports Center ( CSEN ) such as canoeing instructors federal ( Italian Canoe Kayak Federation ) , Rafting Guides and Technical sports . Accompanying and Nature Guides are regularly enrolled in the Province of Vicenza , and are recognized by the Veneto Region.


within a 'green area on the river bank, is equipped with changing rooms, showers and toilets for people with disabilities in artificial climbing wall, picnic area and ample parking.

For more information or custom quotes please contact Sonia at tel. (+39) 0424 99581 , fax (+39) 0424 1720010 or mobile (+39) 347 3767729 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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