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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

River Rescue

Rescue Wild Water®


rescue1Onda Selvaggia ® is a company that operates in the field of River Sports specializes in RescueWildWater ® since 1996 and wish to spread around the mentality of safety within the WildwaterRiver sector. Twenty years of experience acquired in Italy and abroad of our Technical Trainers have made possible the realization of a permanent teaching center on the River Brenta in Veneto . The standards RWW ® are approved by canoeing instructors FICK , Rafting Guides , Province of Padua Civil Protection services (ISO 9001) , UISP CSEN . The standard classes are recognized at a national level and comply with EC directives with the use of approved materials and technical equipment . River Rescue is a sector with complex dynamics in which a series of different skills depending on the materials used and the technical situation in which we are called to intervene. Climate change , the massive urbanization resulting in overbuilding of rivers has led man to have to live with ever more critical flood events ituations and an increase of flood risk .

It follows the need to create a culture of safety and intervention techniques by creating a standard and a common language enabling the communication and collaboration in case of emergency even among people from different groups adopting security policies also in accordance with the directives contained in European lows and legislative Decree n ° 626/94 of September 19, 1994, as amended (81/2008 e106/2009 and 13.04.2011).

Knowing - Inform - Prevent

These are the fundamental codes of the standard contained in the Courses and River Rescue Updates Rescue Wild Water


Training includes how to perform precise and intervention to prevent and avoid the risk of accidents and thereby protect the safety of individuals during the work of their duties. It ' aims to create specific standards for river rescue . It also uses the phase of the Feed Back to consolidate and immediately correct the information given during the practical and theoretical lessons .

During the operational level there will be a test of learning of the theoretical content with the proposal of practical exercises through the use of the method of problem solving in which the participants will have to resolve the situation - type interacting with each other and putting into practice what they have learned in the course explanations in the classroom.

Trainingalso provides , in consideration of the ongoing development of materials and equipment expenditures of the River Rescue , moments ofupdating to adapt techniques and methods of performing the different maneuvers.


Knowledge river environment;



obstacles and dangers;

self rescue procedures;


equipment and technical equipment;

use of safety equipment;

rescue techniques;

knots and their use;

language and communication conventional signals;

realization of aerial and oblique cableways with use of ropes;

practical testing in river environment ....


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Ringrazio di cuore tutti voi per la meravigliosa giornata trascorsa insieme! e soprattutto x quello che offrite, che ci regala cosi' tanto divertimento! un abbraccio affettuoso!


Bella giornata grazie selvaggi !!


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