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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Basic Rescue Wild Water

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rescue4Basic Rescue WildWater

Basic Rescue WildWater® Course Theoretical / Practical in Classroom supported with audiovisual equipment and dry practising with technical equipment.

OBJECTIVE: The course addresses the broad topic of the dangers within the river maneuvers our rescue and information about the rules of conduct to be observed in the vicinity of a natural or artificial watercourse in situations of risk.



The knowledge of the subjects covered during the course and the use of modern teaching strategies and communication, allows you to develop a shared awareness of safety in this specific area, starting with the main assumption is that the rescue plumber.

It 'a theoretical and practical learning module where you provide all the basic information relating to the behavioral norms of safety in the water in both natural and artificial waterways.


Knowledge river environment;

Hydrology, hydrodynamics;


Obstacles and dangers in the river environment;

Risks within the river;


Approvals and characteristics of equipment and technical equipment;

Use safety equipment and PPE;

Nodes and their use;

Language and communication signals conventional.


During this day, which is spread in 8 hour course, in addition to the explanations in the classroom with the help of audio-visual media, the participants put into practice the instructions received with exercises to dry in which to test maneuvers and the recommended PPE.

The theoretical lesson is supported by the use of AUDIO-VISUAL that allow us to effectively communicate key concepts for the recognition of specific hazards and procedures to be performed and equipment used.

Durationof the Course

Duration of Course 8 hours.

COURSES: Volunteers are routed to the Civil Protection forces of Order, Red Cross, Rafting Guides, Fire, Canoe instructors, practitioners in the field of river and all those who for various reasons are to carry out activities in the vicinity of watercourses 'water.

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Give Emotions

This activity offers!
Give thrills, choose between a descent into rafting, canoe or more activities to be carried in a whole day.

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Bella giornata grazie selvaggi !!


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